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Grace. [userpic]

November 4th, 2009 (06:03 pm)


leave home
leave home
leave home
nothing is worth this
leave home
i'm on my knees
leave home.
come to me

you said I looked like fire dancing round the room,
burning out your eyes.
like stars cutting holes through doors.
I was the best damn thing that you ever saw.

you can't fight what you feel.
and deep down I know you want me too.
I'm not the girl you wanted me to be
when you where 16 and lived in dreams
and I can't change for you
but you wouldn't want me too.

can't think of something to save the day, you burst.
everything is always better whenever your around

oh when stars get blurry
people like me get to love people like you.
because the skies to thick for you to see me
for the fool I'll prove to be.

I feel you against my thigh so full of sin.
better than anything I've ever been
you're the bestt damn friend I have ever had.
smile on me and I'll smile on you.
i'm not pluto,hes not a planet
but neither are you.

leave home
leave home
leave home
nothing is worth this.
leave home
i'm on my own
come to me.