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Grace. [userpic]


July 1st, 2009 (07:44 pm)

I'm trying to find a gate through this wall.
I have time to kill.
what are you here for?
I left home to find myself.
I don't need you or anybody eles.

don't dance so fast
I like to watch the world go by.
lets see just how far you can get.
I like some times, you stop and see
don't you worry turn out the lights.

you don't know me,
I'm not pretending to be anything.
I can stand up for what I believe.
you get right under my skin.

you are so under my skin.
I felt my self.
I was falling in.
change change change.
thats something that needs dreaming off.
change change

don't dance so fast
I like to watch the world go by
lets see just how far you can get
don't you worry, turn out the lights.

Grace. [userpic]

(no subject)

June 27th, 2009 (02:52 am)

Well its time to take a good look at summer,
How beautiful it is on the edge.
I've got to go.
I've got to go somewhere.
I've got to do.
I've got to do something.

I want the ocean,
I get so nervous
I want the trees,
I get so jealous
and then there is you.

I saw,
I saw a door leading to somewhere.
I think I would much rather be.
your warm whispers are drowning me.
I need
I need to be left to breath

I want the ocean,
I get so nervous
I want the trees,
I get so jealous
and then there is you.

Please make the snow wait.
I'm staring at the sun.
my answers will come
praying they will come.

Grace. [userpic]

cold, my lover.

June 25th, 2009 (05:31 pm)

these hills are climbing,
even they don't reach glass skies.
and the plants once rooted.
are home.
you remind me of autumn,
a simple thing painted gold.
and this forest is dark and disturbing,
and the cold how it followed me.
I am warm, now you are found.
and I can not find,
my way past the spirit lines,
this fog is lifting,
and the pavements have become forgiving.
cats eyes are leering,
and I see you.
and i know that I am home.
I am warm, now you are found.
and I'll try to never let you down.

Grace. [userpic]

tonight made me smile

April 6th, 2008 (12:07 am)

current mood: happy

I love it when someone you don't even know,
makes you really honestly smile,

I am glad I sent that message.

I'll sleep well tonight, I know it

Grace. [userpic]

Writer's Block: Saturday Night

April 5th, 2008 (11:08 pm)
current mood: none

I'm not 11 yrs old and obese.
also I have real friends now, 
and they keep saturdays cool

How are your Saturday nights different now than they were five years ago?

Grace. [userpic]


April 2nd, 2008 (07:25 pm)
current song: Jimmy Eat World

read uriee 
she's amazing,
my best friend,
but more than that a genius

Our Only Chance Is The Lighthouse

Blates Amaze

Grace. [userpic]

Writer's Block: Where in the World...

April 2nd, 2008 (06:23 pm)
current location: Kendal

If you were independently wealthy, where in the world would you live and how would you spend your time?
I'd live In Kendal, Cumbria, Because no matter how much money I had, I couldn't bare to leave the people, or the town, Because I think They and the memories I have here are what really make me rich, also I am addicted this fudge stuff and I can't find it anywhere but Kendal **shrugs**  

Grace. [userpic]

Tout était d'or quand le jour a rencontré la nuit.

April 1st, 2008 (08:57 pm)

Title: Tout était d'or quand le jour a rencontré la nuit.
Author: </a></font></a>by_hallelujah
PG13 not to sure,
3rd, Evies this time
Ryan's something else, and spying on Brendon isn't making him any more human. Brendons madly in love, but he can't stop staring.
not real

Note: first attempt at fanfic, please be kind and give me pointers please

Chapter one


Evie lay in bed, it was early morning. Brendon was sleeping next to her, the soft yet prominent curve of his clavicle exposed. His skin soft and pale from the winter, she sighed, as she remembered the way he had held her every night since the first one they had spent together and how she had woken up every morning since, still wrapped in his warm embrace. Every morning except this one, he’d had a restless night, tossing, turning and mumbling in his sleep, something about “ember eyes” and “that boy”. He had kept reaching out, trying to grab something, It had disturbed Evie’s sleep, so she had spent most of the night whispering reassuring words into his ears, trying to project them in to his dreams.

She loved him, truly and deeply, as she drifted back to half sleep, she remembered how they met. It was her very own fairytale, and he was her golden trimmed prince.

Evie is sat on a bench, it is spring 2004, everything is falling around her, a flurry of autumn red yellows and oranges, its cold, the air bites at her hands, she is thinking about leaving this place, running away, there is nothing left here for her except Gabe, but he’d always be with her no matter what, he’d always be there, She took out her phone and was ready to call him, when something caught her eye,

A man, medium height, small if she is honest walks along the path towards her, he looks vacant. His expression mirrors her. She can’t see his eye the mop of dark hair falls in front of them,

Brendon always says they met in never-land, because before each other they were lost children.

The man smiled at her, she smiled back, then he sat down, they exchanged nervous glance for a while. And finally he spoke

 "Would it be all right, if we just sat and talked for a little while, if in exchange for your time
I give you this smile?"


The curtains billowed. Evie was forced from the dream. She knew she had shut the window before they climbed in to bed the night before.  It was cold, Evie went towards the window, and as she pulled it shut. Strange eyes settled on hers.




it’s bad I know
Evie corrects spelling and tense=]

Grace. [userpic]

Tout etait d'or quand le jour a renconter la nuit.

March 31st, 2008 (05:30 pm)
current location: In the cold.
current mood: ace
current song: Hum Hallelujah- fall out boy(Y)

Title: Tout était d'or quand le jour a rencontré la nuit.
Author: </a></font></a>by_hallelujah
Rating: PG13 not to sure,
Pairing: Ryden
POV: 3rd, Brendons
Summary:  Ryan's something else, and spying on Brendon isn't making him any more human. Brendons madly in love, but he can't stop staring.
THIS IS MY FIRST TRY, so be kind. and I am not tottaly sure how it works. comment woulds be amazing so I know where to go and what I am doing wrong, I suck at summarys, if you like it I'll make it longer and if you don't then, I'd love to know what would make it better

Chapter one


Brendon knew he should be looking at Eve, but something about this person was mesmerizing, the way their hair flopped in front of their eyes, the age that still showed through a babyish face. But mainly it was the sadness, This boy was filed with a timeless grief that Brendon hadn't felt since meeting Evie and it fascinated him,

Evie pouted, opening her blue eyes big as the moon, Brendon couldn't help but feel guiltily, for looking at another person for even a second, she was perfect, He remembered who he felt when she sat on the phone in stitches as Gabe reeled off a lengthily version of his day.

“You promise Bren," Evie whined, 

Brendon couldn't help but laugh, she looked so pathetically pretty and she was so simply his. 

"Okay, I'll take you home" 

Brendon took one last glance at the man, nothing about where he was had changed. His eyes wide still like a rabbit trapped in head lights. Brendon sighed, and taking hold of Evie's hand began to lead her home, Both of them just walked, Brendon was aware of the loving glance that Evie through his way every now and again, but he kept his eyes on the floor, all too aware that someone else eyes still followed him.

They reached the edge of the green, the river still echoing behind them, Brendon still felt the stare on the back of his neck, it was open enough now for him to see clearly it was just Evie and himself, he shivered hoping to shake it off, but it remained with him.

"Can we hurry up its cold" 
"sure, I can't wait to get you to bed."

Within five minutes they had reached the Georgian house that made up there block of flights,  Brendon stepped through the familiar door with a unfamiliar stare still fixed on him He was beginning to get scared, telling himself over and over that it was dark and natural to feel paranoid.  

"Race you!" Evie giggled.

They ran upstairs, laughing, Evie collapsed panting against the door she had woken up one morning to fin painted with tiny swirling flowers, Brendon folded into her and gently opened the door, pushing them and their embrace through.

Somewhere near by Ryan stood looking at the house waiting for the lights to go off.


it’s bad I know
Evie corrects spelling and tense=]


Grace. [userpic]

Golden Dawn, Passed(1/??)

March 31st, 2008 (03:43 am)
current mood: amazing
current song: Nourthern downpour- panic at the disco

Chapter one.


Ryan sat on the bench,  the soft light of the moon was drowning him in a silver sheen, highlighting the eyeliner scars that lay dried on his face, He had been crying, but now he was just staring straight at the night, at him self personified it to a thousand sights, sounds and stars. He was revolted with himself, he could still taste the blood on his tongue, Ryan knew he was the Night.

Oh and how he missed the sun, the gentle caress of life and warmth, the smell of fresh cut grass in the morning, someone eles' hair on the pillow next to his. Now there was nothing for him but this eternity of darkness, and the blood, Thinking of it made him hungry, even though he had just ate,  it was not a empty ache that curled inside his belly, but a deep craving so far inside him that it was pulling at his veins,

Ryan smelt life. The leaves rustled behind him. Two people, one male, one female. both young and healthy. Laughter and voices.
Ryan was angry at them for spoiling his thoughts, for being so careless as to bring what he lusted for so close, one of them smelt so brilliant, musked yet light, Dawn, one of them smelt of dawn. 

"Lets go home"
" Please, just a little longer" 
"Fine, but then you are coming straight to bed"

They laughed, Ryan looked on, jealous of the affection they shared. The couple carried on walking obviously unaware of the stranger that watched them.

"Brendon. Home. Bed. Now"
"You haven't always been this forward have you?" He laughed "When we met the only thing you took to bed was your harry potter doll, "
"Just shut up and take me to bed"

They where closer to Ryan by this time, The scent of one of them was catching in his throat, he tryed to concentrate on breathing, he didnt have to, but it helped stop him from leaping on them both, devouring them and the luscious smell.

"You realy are my forever Evie" 
He said, stopping, looking straight in to her eyes.

Ryan choked, The male named Brendon, looked at him, it wasn't just a glance but a deep stare, his dark eyes bore through Ryan, and Ryan felt his secret life drift through the air into Brendon, The male smiled at Ryan, 

And for the first time in a long while, Ryan smiled back, and just once for a second he swore he felt his heart skip a beat.

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