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Grace. [userpic]

Little one.

August 27th, 2010 (12:21 am)

Hello little one.
the wind it blows but as you grow it wont leave you realing.
even trees where small once, young and down on luck
but its the rain and cold that pushed them tall.
I'd axe it all to make you happy, but my muders have occured.
The path is littered with hearts for those who loved before.
but you'll be fine
you have a stronger soul than most.
but there are stronger souls than you.
so don't you go dropping your hopes
I am now know by every feeling
and you are walking still.
not crippled by the wieght that losing lovers share.
but you will carry.
and you will carry well
you have a stronger soul than most
but there are strong souls than you.
Little one, I dreamed once too,
that I'd fall in love just like you.