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Grace. [userpic]


June 18th, 2010 (12:40 am)

You looked like something I couldn't explain unearthral but totally mundane.  With you I was happy, I was complete I was found.
I was no longer a sinner, I was simply loved, simply your lover. I would have grown old watched you go bald and carry on being the person I knew was mine.
Without you I am lost, a pityful excuse for a life.
Nothing more than a bag of skin lapsing in faith or wonderment.

I heard the crashing all around us.
the screams and the jolts, I could hear your pain as it ripped through your beauiful body tearing and shredding it untill all you could become was a empty chalase.
I loved you more in that instant than ever, all your passion lay red under the white of your skin. Your lips moved in attempt to speak, I expect no exclaimation of love or even a last wish, I knew you would die, I begged you would not. I didn't care what you were saying as long as you didn't ask me "am i going to die?"
please don't say it.
please not that.
please don't ask.

No words came, instead they flowed out if your mouth in a rosy red vine, that trickled down your neck. There is nothing beautiful about death, never believe the romatics. You were the most beautiful person I had ever met and as you sat there crushed and mangled, there was only a slant of your lovelyness. Your eyes once a brilliant rainy blue were now serus grey and murky, you lacked light, that is how I knew.
It was not glamourous and you were gone.


I can not visit your grave.
I can not hold your hand.
I can not laugh when you cry during disney films.
I can no long go to the park on applesford road where you got me drunk off whisky and had to carry me home, that was the first night you met my dad.

I can only try to hope one day I will be more than losing you again.