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Grace. [userpic]

Little one.

August 27th, 2010 (12:21 am)

Hello little one.
the wind it blows but as you grow it wont leave you realing.
even trees where small once, young and down on luck
but its the rain and cold that pushed them tall.
I'd axe it all to make you happy, but my muders have occured.
The path is littered with hearts for those who loved before.
but you'll be fine
you have a stronger soul than most.
but there are stronger souls than you.
so don't you go dropping your hopes
I am now know by every feeling
and you are walking still.
not crippled by the wieght that losing lovers share.
but you will carry.
and you will carry well
you have a stronger soul than most
but there are strong souls than you.
Little one, I dreamed once too,
that I'd fall in love just like you.

Grace. [userpic]


August 26th, 2010 (11:47 pm)

I wont let you down.
you can say anything.
right where your sin is,
like on the skyline you
oh you
still seem fine

I wont let you down
you can say anything
you, oh you
are like blooming meadows.
don't I won't let this change you.
won't let this change you hell no.

and when our city has fallen to the ashes.
lets toss away the day.
what do you say?
just you and me. alive.
we are alive.
I wont let you down

Grace. [userpic]

As The Tulips Lie

July 25th, 2010 (01:51 am)


I am falling, falling to nothing. The wind rips through me, tearing at my bones, my being and my soul.  I feel the crash as I hit the water, it pounds my chest.  The cold water licks my body, soaking my clothes, the salt stinging my eyes. I am trying to look up; I can only see the glare of the sun and the grey blur of the rocks. I am dizzy, my head hurts, I am flicking between darkness and light, my arms flail about me as pathetic as the weeds I’m sure are trying to steal me from this world. The waves send me crashing in to the rocks I can hear nothing but the cruel screech of the sea and my body crack amongst the rocks.

Why has no one come for me?

My wrists cracks, I scream...  water fills my lungs dragging out my mortality. I am dying. I am dying. I am....



Can death be sleep, when life is but a dream.

They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes, I do not think this is true. In death there is only death, the drag of what is human from what is not, and yes you remember things but this is not in flash it is a slow progression of thought as all that you are is pulled from your very brain. The electrics of your mortality seep through your skins and pour from you orifices turning you to nothing a complex and lifeless organic structure. The human body in life is  a complex and compelling structure filled with love and flamboyance  and motion , in death the body is building shattered by age, left empty widows dulled broken and cracked.

Death is more than a heart ceasing to beat, it is the tearing of mortality from the bindings of this world. I do not know if there is a God, or if some go to heaven or if some souls pass on and become other things. I just know I existed, and then I did not.


The sun hit the glass softly, my room was cast in to a certain slant of light. I heard movement. This had been my favourite time of day for years, every morning John would get up and stumble across the landing down the stair, he’d bring his book and read it whilst he drank a tar thick black coffee. I’d read it over his shoulder and then everyday he would rush out at 7:50, ten minutes later than he should. Leaving his book on the table, this was the part I loved most. 3 years ago, I spent every day reading the same page over and over,finally I can will the paper to turn itself, I swear it is the words that fill me with energy, that light up all I am a scattering of dust and conscious electrons in to a creature not with form, not yet, but with force. And the more I read, the more life seeps in to the air that creates me and sometimes in the most passionate of texts I can feel the sun tickling me or even gain the sensation that I am laying a finger on the page and I can feel its softness and threads beneath it. I know though, I am not because I am not.

Grace. [userpic]

(no subject)

July 25th, 2010 (01:50 am)

current mood: content

you are the sweetest thing.
the hum of people in the passing crowd are shot away by the heave of your chest.
laying here I am perfect.

Numb yet overjoyed.

I am nothing more that the collapse and fall of your empire.
the stargazer looks at the sky expecting to find nothing more than what he was looking for.
what will I look to?

and the mirrors edge is coated by dust,

those cold eyes I know are mine, lurk with regret as they stare at ledge.

and we grow older always older.
                                                                                                         I'm happy its you.

Grace. [userpic]

jimmeny crickett

July 24th, 2010 (01:43 am)

there is a hole in my bed where you used to sit,
and a hole in my head where you used  to sing.
i'm getting confused, boy you look so thin.

some days aren't mine at all.
they belong to the pictures,
the fragmentations of mirror.
all the lost wispers.
do you love me at all?

jimmeny crickett's just a man caught full of dreams.
he has the power to give them to me.
he's less hard to believe in than the the words that once shook me.
now it lacks feeling.
would he share them with me?
I'd share them with he.

I've got a taste in my mouth thats bitter and cold.
I don't care about money, don't care about clothes
I want you to hold me, to watch me grow.
do I owe it to god that I'm no longer lost?
three silly little words I find it hard to believe in.
a funny little rhyme so hard to concive in.

and jimmeny crickett's just a man caught full of dreams.
thats less hard to believe in.
would he share them with me?
I'd share them with he.

and its funny how sweet it is to be trapped full of wishing.
stuck in my rut,
what are you so caught up in feeling?
you won't feel it with me?

jimmeny crickett's just a man trapped full of dream.
oh jimmeny cricketts caged up in granting wishes.
jimmeny cricktett will you share them with me.
oh jimmeny crickett
jimmeny crickett.
jimmeny crickett.

i'd share them with you.


Grace. [userpic]

I expect.

June 26th, 2010 (05:37 pm)

oh what are we, and what have we here.
two young fools saying they are in love.
saying they'll hold hands for ever,
I should know.
I love the way you say goodmorning.
and you take me for what I am.
I don't expect anything.

every thing you are now, everything you do
I try so hard to not show you I know you're here.
but I counting up the day,
till I'll try so hard not to notice you're there
I don't expect anything.
I don't excpect anything.

you may hate me, but I'll remember to love you,
imagine how quiet your world would be if you left me.
it would be just as quiet as was before you met me.
I don't expect anything,
I don't expect anything,
I don't expect anything.

we can go from here to here,
with ciggerettes in hands,
until I understand.
so you're trying to fill up your soul,
I'm so inclided to be apart of this terrible world your making.
you say love is just a chemical reaction,
well I'm not sure I believe you.
I don't expect anything.

you may hate me, but I'll remember to love you,
imagine how quiet your world would be if you left me.
it would be just as quiet as was before you met me.
I don't expect anything,
I don't expect anything,
I don't expect anything.

Grace. [userpic]


June 18th, 2010 (12:40 am)

You looked like something I couldn't explain unearthral but totally mundane.  With you I was happy, I was complete I was found.
I was no longer a sinner, I was simply loved, simply your lover. I would have grown old watched you go bald and carry on being the person I knew was mine.
Without you I am lost, a pityful excuse for a life.
Nothing more than a bag of skin lapsing in faith or wonderment.

I heard the crashing all around us.
the screams and the jolts, I could hear your pain as it ripped through your beauiful body tearing and shredding it untill all you could become was a empty chalase.
I loved you more in that instant than ever, all your passion lay red under the white of your skin. Your lips moved in attempt to speak, I expect no exclaimation of love or even a last wish, I knew you would die, I begged you would not. I didn't care what you were saying as long as you didn't ask me "am i going to die?"
please don't say it.
please not that.
please don't ask.

No words came, instead they flowed out if your mouth in a rosy red vine, that trickled down your neck. There is nothing beautiful about death, never believe the romatics. You were the most beautiful person I had ever met and as you sat there crushed and mangled, there was only a slant of your lovelyness. Your eyes once a brilliant rainy blue were now serus grey and murky, you lacked light, that is how I knew.
It was not glamourous and you were gone.


I can not visit your grave.
I can not hold your hand.
I can not laugh when you cry during disney films.
I can no long go to the park on applesford road where you got me drunk off whisky and had to carry me home, that was the first night you met my dad.

I can only try to hope one day I will be more than losing you again.

Grace. [userpic]


June 18th, 2010 (12:18 am)

I can change, I can be any thing you need me to be.
tell me why you are making reasons for me?
its good to feel so dark, two lovers that lie.
so ring circles round me.
cling to my arms.
I can change.

hope and hoping and hope and hoping
I hope we are still in love.
hope and hoping and hope and hoping.

these our day feed me a line?
take me hope and smash my pride.
I might not call you tonight
love is a hurse.
I'll call you tonight.
I can change
I can change
I can change
if that helps us stay in love.
I can change.
I can change.
I can change.

I'll make this easy for you.
feel my divides turn off al the light.
you say there is love in my eyes, that its just my love of fights.
I can change
I can change
I can change
if that helps us stay in love.
I can change.
I can change.
I can change.


Grace. [userpic]


June 4th, 2010 (05:46 pm)

two or three times the bell will ring.
but when we look for better things
we search for this
we have not to build.
I feel it crash apon your skin
I find it hard to believe.
do you miss me asmuch as I miss you?
do I miss you as much as you miss me?
will you kiss me and hold me down?
pin me to the cold hard ground
we are autum leaves in the coldest breeze.
we are something more than softness
I feel you hard upon me
I find you perfect and yet wanting
do you miss me as much as I miss you?
do I miss you as much as you miss me?

Grace. [userpic]

(no subject)

November 4th, 2009 (06:03 pm)


leave home
leave home
leave home
nothing is worth this
leave home
i'm on my knees
leave home.
come to me

you said I looked like fire dancing round the room,
burning out your eyes.
like stars cutting holes through doors.
I was the best damn thing that you ever saw.

you can't fight what you feel.
and deep down I know you want me too.
I'm not the girl you wanted me to be
when you where 16 and lived in dreams
and I can't change for you
but you wouldn't want me too.

can't think of something to save the day, you burst.
everything is always better whenever your around

oh when stars get blurry
people like me get to love people like you.
because the skies to thick for you to see me
for the fool I'll prove to be.

I feel you against my thigh so full of sin.
better than anything I've ever been
you're the bestt damn friend I have ever had.
smile on me and I'll smile on you.
i'm not pluto,hes not a planet
but neither are you.

leave home
leave home
leave home
nothing is worth this.
leave home
i'm on my own
come to me.

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